propeller repair afterNothing worse than been hit with bad weather for weeks and finally the gods answer and decides to share some light winds and near to no swell all falling on the weekend!! Ya ring around and gather a boat full of mates to head off first thing Saturday morning. You get a little excited and impatient taking the boat off the trailer and decide to drive it off.


All ya mates run from all directions asking what the??? You realise straight away what happened. You collected the boat ramp. You winch it back on the trailer and there is it ALL BLADES are bent. No spare propeller and a very bruised ego.

Don’t worry we at Boat Props and Docks, we do ALL repairs on stainless steel and aluminium propellers. Send us a few pics of the damage via text to Larry Diamond 0411252921 or Nikkita Argent 0499 300 744 or flick us an email and we will reply with an estimate to bring her back to new!

Craig Argent has been repairing propellers for 18 + years and takes great pride in his work. Even if you think it’s ready for the bin, what’s it gonna hurt to flick a picture through to see what we think?