Action Series Jac™ Plate

Bob’s Machine Shop introduces the “Action Series Jac™ Plate,” a cutting-edge line of hydraulic jack plates revolutionizing the market.

This innovative series integrates a pump within the jack plate itself, a first for Bob’s, saving valuable space inside boats and eliminating the need for pump mounting. This feature streamlines the rigging process, particularly beneficial for OEM applications.

The internal pump boasts a motor of unrivalled strength, surpassing all other internal jack plates available. This translates to enhanced lifting speed and robustness, particularly advantageous for heavy outboard motors.

Incorporating all of Bob’s patented features from their standard series, including automotive-style grease fittings in the side rails, tension rods, and the iconic Bob’s Machine Shop design, the Action Series Jac Plate sets a new standard in performance and functionality.

Available in setbacks ranging from 4 to 14 inches, Bob’s Jack Plates offer a one-piece design, distinguishing them from competitors that necessitate setback spacers for proper installation.

bobs machine shop action series
  • Made in the USA

  • LifeTime warranty

  • 5 Year pump warranty

  • Internal pump mounted inside plate for easier rigging
  • One piece jack plate – No C-Channels to bolt on to increase setabck
  • Large powerful motor that can lift heavy outboards under full power in 6 seconds
  • Can be converted to have pump inside the boat if the owner edsires to change style of hydraulic pump
  • Predrilled for side mount shallow water anchors, holes are behind side stickers
  • Provides 7.5″ (19cm) of total lift (6″ hydraulic & 1.5″ built-in lift)
  • Wiring is plug and play with waterproof Deutch connectors
  • US & International Patents Pending
  • Automotive grease fittings
  • Adjustable tension rods
  • Limited Lifetime Structure Warranty against manufacturing defects
  • 5 Year Action Pump Warranty
bobs machine shop jacking plates details
100-104101 4″ 46/21 300/625 4/10
100-106101 6″ 49/22 300/625 6/15
100-108001 8″ 53/24 300/625 8/20
100-111000 10″ 58/26 300/625 10/25
100-112112 12″ 64/29 300/625 12/30
100-114110 14″ 79/36 300/625 14/35

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