Stingray Hydrofoils

Stingray’s company, Marine Dynamics, Inc., was founded in 1987, and we started with the original black “StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer” – known currently as our “Classic” model. From there they expanded into both gray and white hydrofoil models, satisfying the desire for customers with gray and white engines to have a hydrofoil that matched accordingly.

Fast-forward approx. 30 years, and they’ve pioneered and patented “NO-Drill Installation” Technology into multiple hydrofoil models to eliminate the need for any holes to be drilled into the engine during installation. This revolutionized the hydrofoil industry and has solidified our pole position of global market share leader.

Hydrofoils & HyperFoils

In 2016, Stingray launched a new line of high-performance foils called, “HyperFoils.” A HyperFoil is characterized by its trademarked “HyperSpeed Red” material and its ability to let pro bass fishermen achieve perfect holeshots without sacrificing top-end speed. The HyperFoil 500 is the first of its kind and can be purchased today!

In 2018, the Classic Series got a new hydrofoil model added to the upper-end called “Classic PRO.” The new addition provides even more lift than the Classic Senior and features upgraded styling and lower drag which allows for faster on-water speeds!




Stinger No Drill

Starfire No Drill

XRIII No Drill

Boat Props & Docks for Hydrofoils

Ask us for expert advice on Hydrofoils. We can tell you about bolt on’s, no drill models and all about the new HyperFoils! We can help you get a hydrodynamic lift to your boat – similar to the natural lift created by an airplane’s wings…just underwater instead of in the air. This results in getting on plane quicker, increasing visibility/safety while on the water, staying on plane at lower RPMs, saving fuel, and eliminating or drastically reducing porpoising, cavitation, and ventilation problems.

If you are in the market for performance, talk to us today. 

Does Your Boat Need a Hydrofoil?

Boat Props & Docks are your official resellers of Stingray in Australia. Our knowledge and commitment to superior support is your ticket to great performance.  Contact us by email or phone. We will get back to you quickly!

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