So you ever wonder if you have the correct propeller? Do you spend 3 weeks planning your trip only to find that when you have loaded your boat, you drop your boat in the water push the throttle on and boom, you’re looking at the clouds, can’t see where you’re going and yell at ya mates to move towards the front!

You finally get on the plane and your throttle is nearly full…. Then once you’re up you have to reef back on the go stick to slow down to get the boat under control. You start hitting the swell feeling like your climbing mount Everest and once over the top only then you feel like you’re getting sucked back, so you’re constantly driving the boat, on and off the throttle. Does this sound familiar?? Do you have a mate that has this problem?? Please feel free to call us and have a chat. We will ask you to have the following details ready so we can help you fix your performance problems:

Boat model / make:   Engine make & model:  Current propeller details:  Details of your performance: (ie max rpm etc)

We have both Aluminium and Stainless-Steel options. We are happy to work with you and recommend the best propeller to suit your needs.

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Larry Diamond – 0411 252 921

Nikkita Argent – 0499 300 744