larry diamondHi Larry,

I spoke with you on the phone last week and advised you of my Tohatsu 40hp was on my Stessco Skipper 420 (forward control), I was having trouble of the motor only reaching 5100rpm @ 40kph wide open throttle.

You advised me to check first if the motor was sitting below or above the bottom line of boat. So the plate was sitting level of bottom, you advised me before we go a prop, I should raise the motor and also take the hydrofoil wings off motor.

Today Sunday 10/03/2019, I took the boat for a test after coming up another hole on the motor. What a difference it made, it went to 5600rpm and the GPS was showing 48kph, and so smooth with a little trimming. The nose came up just a little and I won’t be putting the wings back on, I love it.

I’d like to say thank you and your advice was spot on mate, great to see someone not try and sell something before all avenues were tested. I am considering going stainless prop in the future and you’ll be the man I come to see.

Best regards Russell Norris.