prop repairThis is always a question that you ask yourself!! This stands for everything in life, not just your propeller. Most boaties out there would have some nicks and or wear on their current propeller and it probably never crossed your mind that there is anything wrong with it.. Ever kept telling yourself that one day you will get to your propeller repair??? That’s a pretty common answer for everything!! It only ever becomes a problem when that 1 day it breaks, slips, free revs, vibrates or won’t even push your boat!! Then it becomes an urgent matter.

Well, we are here to remind you to maybe keep a check on your running gear a little more regularly. Check the condition of your propeller, the nut (and spilt pin if you have one). Especially if you do a lot reversing as this is when you can lose your propeller if the nut comes to lose.

Our Propeller Repair Service

If you think your propeller has seen better days, send us some pictures to our email or if you prefer text to 0499 300 744 to get a free quote.

If you need a new propeller to better your performance and you don’t have a spare, another great option Is to purchase your new propeller and then have your current propeller repaired for a great spare!

Please feel free to drop us an email, text or give us a call if you have any questions or need some “FREE” advice on the best propeller.

Solas has a great range of propellers in both Aluminium and Stainless steel at great prices.

The Boat Props and Docks team is looking forward in helping you get your boat going at its best!

Over and out for now.

From the entire Boat Props and Docks team 😊