rubex double cup Solas has developed the “DOUBLE CUP” propellers in Aluminium Rubex hub. These propellers are ideal and best suited for House boats, BBQ Pontoon boats, Work boats etc.

They have “Double Cup” which helps the grip for these heavy vessels, which produces extra thrust. There are only selected sizes available in these special propellers (right hand only):
15.5x11p / 15.5x13p / 15x15p / 14.8x17p

Boat Props and Docks have them in stock and ready to fit to your vessel and will fit all brands !!

Rubex Double Cup Aluminium 3 blade RBX rubber hub

  • Interchangeable hub (RBX)
  • Exclusive squeeze cast process
  • Double cupped blades
  • Ideal for Pontoon / Houseboats
  • Better holding power and fuel economy