bpd is openHello to our fellow boaties. The staff at Boat Props and Docks wish everyone a safe next few months. We wish the best of luck to all of our Marine Dealers out there and we hope you all hang in there. We have all been affected some way in the panic of the COVID-19 whether it be from the loss of business due to no one spending, not able to get stock in or out, waiting on your order, or simply your struck down with the virus. We hope to all see you on the other side of this pandemic!!

As for an update on how we are traveling at the moment we would like to ensure all of our SOLAS propeller customers that Boat Props and Docks is OPEN and still running as per normal.

Monday – Friday 8am-5pm closed Sat & Sun.

We will endeavour to get those SOLAS propellers rolling out the door as long as the courier drivers keep turning up, we will be sending out.  We will keep you all posted as much as possible if any new changes develop within our company.

The staff here at Boat Props and Docks are looking out for you & happy to help with “FREE” advice to make sure you get the most enjoyment out of your boat with your family & friends!

Hard to stay away from all of this however it seems like the place to be!! In your boat on the water away from all the crowds, huffle and buffle..  drifting around with your music on reeling in some big ones with a few coldies. If you happen to get your boat out either up rivers and dams or venturing out offshore, just remember to keep check on your propeller. Check the nut (and split pin / lock tab) is tight and in good order.

I think the little old propeller does get forgotten sometimes, when… let’s just face it, without a propeller, you ain’t going anywhere!!! So, if your doing some maintenance or just simply doing some checks and you think your propeller has seen better days, well, don’t forget we have our repair facility (workshop) open for business.

So if you need a quote for a fix up please feel free to email your picture/s through for a FREE quote to info@boatpropsanddocks.com.au.

Craig Argent is our workshop guru and has been repairing propellers for OVER 20years, in particular- “SOLAS propellers” and knows them back to front. He is extremely passionate about his work and cares about the end result.  We also offer rebushing, cupping etc to all Stainless Steel & Aluminium propellers.

We welcome the opportunity to help you out, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

We will check back in next month and give some updates or talk about any topics that you (the customer) may have or want to understand a little more.

Till next time 😊

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